Heritage of the French West Indies, between the gentle murmur of the waves and the captivating scents. This is where FREYMIOTTE was born, a brand of alcoholic drinks with ancestral recipes.

This brand is the heritage of centuries of knowledge of our two families, our two islands. They brought unique know-how that we have merged and perfected. A passion that has driven us for years to create unrivaled secret recipes.

Les boissons qui font traversé les océans pour un voyage inoubliable! FREYMIOTTE

FREYMIOTTE remains a rare and precious experience. Each manufacturing step is carried out using artisanal methods passed down from generation to generation which we have improved in order to obtain a product of great purity.

We pay attention to every detail, monitoring the quality of ingredients with obsessive precision. Each sip is a perfect harmony, where umami meets excellence.


Let us pay tribute to our grandparents, these guardians of our traditions, who shaped our lives with love and devotion, leaving us precious family recipes.

In each creation that they created with so much passion, there was a heritage of flavors passed down from generation to generation. Their expert hands mixed the ingredients with infinite tenderness, infusing a touch of their history, their culture.

logo de Freymiotte qui représente le désir d'évasion , l'aventure

Our rum products are much more than just drinks: they are treasures of memories, unwavering links with our roots. A journey through time, taking us back to those moments of sharing around the table, where laughter resonated and anecdotes were told.

Today, the best tribute we can pay to our grandmothers is to perpetuate their heritage, with a modern touch to our traditions. This is why we named our brand "Freymiotte", the atypical first name of one of our grandmothers, so that their name lives eternally through our creations, as a symbol of their love and their family heritage.

More than a story

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of FREYMIOTTE, where sugar cane reigns supreme, distilling captivating flavors and exotic aromas. Imagine yourself in the heart of sugar cane fields, bathed in sunlight, where each stalk loaded with sugar exudes a natural sweetness that will be revealed in each sip of rum.

sélection de canne à sucre

A meticulous selection of sugarcane varieties is the key to opening the doors to a world of flavors. From Red Cane to Pink Cane, with floral and fruity notes that dance on the palate, to Cristalline, capturing the very essence of tropical freshness, each variety adds its unique touch to our drinks.

This is why at FREYMIOTTE, we choose our partners based on where the sugar canes are planted, so that the heritage of these plantations is found in every sip of our drinks. Imagine finding yourself in the middle of a cane field, feeling the smell of a sea breeze or the earth that carried the cane, while enjoying your drink. The experience thus becomes much more than a simple tasting: it evokes the authentic sensations and emotions of the tropics, offering an incomparable sensory journey at every moment.

essence des iles "Freymiotte"

Thus, FREYMIOTTE embodies the essence of the Antilles, the history of an ancestral heritage and exceptional know-how in the manufacture of rum-based products, making these alcoholic drinks a unique experience to savor. Offering a refined gastronomic experience and an unforgettable sensory journey.