In Douceur d'Hibiscus, hibiscus and agricultural rum come together for an exceptional taste experience. With each sip, a journey sculpted by our ancestral know-how.

Unparalleled craftsmanship

Each bottle embodies exceptional craftsmanship, marking the union of hibiscus petals with the richness of agricultural rum. A harmony that honors tradition and nature.

Douceur D'Hibiscus note de dégustation

Exotic Flavors

This liqueur offers the fruity acidity of hibiscus combined with the exotic depth of agricultural rum enhanced with our secret recipe. It can be enjoyed alone or with ice cubes.

verre avec un Cocktail à base de "Douceur d'Hibiscus"

The Art of Mixology

Be inspired by our signature cocktails, reveal the culinary explorer in you, and enhance your dishes and drinks.

Signature cocktails

Explore the Unexpected

Discover the harmony of hibiscus and rhum agricole. This unique liqueur is an adventure in a bottle, shaped by meticulous craftsmanship, that awakens your senses to the exotic.

Set off on a unique taste adventure with FREYMIOTTE.