Coco Cannelle embodies an authentic taste adventure. It skillfully combines the creamy sweetness of coconut and cinnamon with the power of agricultural rum, thus offering a fusion of unforgettable exotic flavors. Each sip takes you on a sensory journey, meticulously crafted with exceptional craftsmanship.


Each bottle of Coco Cannelle represents exceptional craftsmanship, elegantly merging coconut and cinnamon with the richness of agricultural rum. This harmony respects both tradition, celebrating ancestral know-how, and nature, the source of our superior quality ingredients.

Two flavors

Coco Cinnamon, an exquisite drink with two distinct flavors. Savor it at room heat to feel the power of the rum, offering an intense and comforting taste experience. Then, let yourself be refreshed by its sweetness when consumed cold. It will then take you on a journey to the heart of the FREYMIOTTE universe.

Coco Cannelle note de dégustation

Exotic sweetness

Coco Cannelle is powerful, round and creamy, an invitation to experience a moment of exoticism.

image d'un cocktail "obsession ananas"


Coco Cannelle invites you to explore a creamy sweetness of coconut and cinnamon, combined with the exotic depth of rhum agricole. It can be enjoyed alone, on ice, or incorporated into our Signature cocktails.

Signature cocktails
Les liqueurs artisanales Freymiotte, véritables joyaux de la gastronomie, offrent une touche d'exotisme raffinée pour rehausser et faire rayonner les saveurs les plus audacieuses de la haute cuisine.

A friend

Discover the magical power of Coco Cinnamon to intensify umami, the fifth flavor that evokes satisfaction. Reveal hidden aromas and enrich every bite. Be amazed by the art of umami.


Discover the harmony of coconut, cinnamon and agricultural rum, captured in a unique liqueur, crafted with unparalleled meticulousness. This bottled adventure will awaken your senses to the exotic.

Get ready for a unique taste experience!