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Coco Cinnamon Liqueur based on agricultural rum (17.5%) 500ml

Coco Cinnamon Liqueur based on agricultural rum (17.5%) 500ml

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Discover the Coco Cinnamon Liqueur made from agricultural rum

Coco Cannelle liqueur is made from agricultural rum from the French West Indies, with subtly blended flavors of coconut and cinnamon. This aromatic combination, inspired by the islands, offers delicate nuances of coconut and caramel.

The careful manufacturing of Coco Cannelle aims to guarantee impeccable quality, meeting the high standards of mixologists and restaurants keen to satisfy their customers.

Ensuring the quality of our products is our main priority in order to guarantee a product of excellence.

The Coco Cinnamon Liqueur made from agricultural rum is full of a unique taste. It’s a tropical experience that will transport you to heavenly beaches. The combination of exotic coconut flavors and the bright warmth of cinnamon gives this liqueur an unparalleled taste profile.

Its exotic aroma is balanced to perfection with the addition of rhum agricole. It embodies the flavors of the Caribbean, making it an exceptional choice for creating exquisite cocktails or for solo tasting. Coco Cannelle Liqueur made from agricultural rum is a liquid masterpiece that will surely be appreciated by liqueur lovers.

This liqueur is not just a drink, it is a story, a display of artisanal craftsmanship, and a celebration of bold flavors. Prepared with passion and dedication, this liqueur is a true homage to the traditions of rum distillation. Try the Coco Cinnamon Liqueur made from agricultural rum today and let yourself be enchanted by its incredible symphony of flavors. An experience like no other awaits you.

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Saint Anne en Guadeloupe


At the heart of Atelier Freymiotte, we are dedicated to creating the rarest and most exquisite liqueurs. Our collection, called Coco Cannelle, embodies a harmonious marriage of powerful, complex and elegant flavors. This mysterious name reflects the expertise accumulated over the years to perfect these creations. We invest all our determination and perfectionism in the development of these exceptional liqueurs, using only the best ingredients. By skillfully mixing floral, gourmet, fruity and spicy notes, we shape our recipes with the attention to detail of a goldsmith.

Photo de la liqueur Coco Cannelle à base de rhum agricole (bouteille face avant)
Coco cannelle saveur naturelle
Coco Banana ,cocktail à base de Coco Cannelle

Hibiscus Sweetness Tasting Notes

On the nose, this spirit reveals a complex and rich bouquet, with notes of hibiscus and exotic flavors that intertwine harmoniously.

On the palate, the round attack gives way to nuances of agricultural rum, flowers and red fruits, offering an exceptional taste sensation and a remarkable length in the mouth.

This suspended moment perfectly captures our dedication, respect and passion for flavors, extracting the exceptional from every sip.