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Sweet Hibiscus Liqueur based on agricultural rum (18%) 500ml

Sweet Hibiscus Liqueur based on agricultural rum (18%) 500ml

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Enjoy the Sweet Hibiscus Liqueur made from agricultural rum

Hibiscus pairs perfectly with agricultural rum, creating a sweet, complex and refined liqueur. It is an incomparable taste experience, both for informed connoisseurs and curious amateurs.

The Douceur D'hibiscus Liqueur made with agricultural rum is a celebration of bold and subtle flavors. Its fragrant bouquet begins with sweetish notes of hibiscus, followed by warm and robust flavors of rhum agricole.

The liquor is finely balanced, making each sip pleasantly delicate and refreshing. It is the ultimate expression of finesse, a liqueur that invites you to savor it slowly, to appreciate all the richness of its flavors.

This liqueur is an expert blend of sweetness and subtlety that captivates and delights the senses. But make no mistake, despite its delicacy, it is a liqueur that has its effect.

Additionally, hibiscus is known for its health benefits. So you not only enjoy a refined liquor, but you also do your body good. The Sweet Hibiscus Liqueur Experience made with agricultural rum is undoubtedly a taste experience not to be missed.

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Saint Anne en Guadeloupe


At the heart of Atelier Freymiotte, we create the rarest and most exquisite liqueurs. This collection, called Douceur d’Hibiscus, is a harmonious marriage of powerful, complex and elegant flavors. The mysterious name evokes the sum of years of expertise dedicated to the perfection of these creations. In this spirit, we put all our determination and perfectionism into the development of these exceptional liqueurs, with the guaranteed provenance of the best ingredients. Combining floral and gourmet notes, we create our recipes with the meticulousness of a goldsmith.

Bouteille de Douceur D'hibiscus accompagné de prosecco pour préparé un hibiscus spritz
Liqueur Douceur D'Hibiscus à base de rhum agricole
Kyr d'hibiscus, Cocktail à base de Douceur d'Hibiscus

Coconut Cinnamon Tasting Notes

On the nose, this rum reveals a complex and rich bouquet, where notes of coconut and cinnamon mingle.

On the palate, the round attack of this marriage gives way to sweet notes of coconut and cinnamon, then letting the power of agricultural rum express itself, thus offering a wonderful length to prolong this historical and organoleptic journey.

A suspended moment which wonderfully recreates the work of our distillery, testifying to the respect and love of flavors to extract the exceptional.