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Spicy Ginger liqueur based on agricultural rum (18%) 500ml

Spicy Ginger liqueur based on agricultural rum (18%) 500ml

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Explore the complexity of Spicy Ginger Liqueur made from agricultural rum

Our Spicy Ginger Liqueur made from agricultural rum is a real discovery for lovers of good drinks. The rhum agricole adds a subtle sweetness that pairs perfectly with the warmth of the ginger. This liqueur is not only delicious, but it is also an elegant way to enjoy the flavors of the West Indies.

The manufacturing process of this liqueur is complex and meticulous to guarantee a product of the highest quality. The ingredients are carefully selected, the rum is distilled in the traditional way and the spicy ginger is infused to perfection. This methodology allows you to obtain a liqueur rich in flavors, with a perfect balance between sweet rum and spicy ginger.

Whether you are a liqueur expert or simply looking for a new taste experience, the Spicy Ginger Liqueur made from agricultural rum will appeal to you. Its complexity and softness make it the perfect choice for all events. Try it today and be surprised by one of the most delicious liqueurs in the Antilles.

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Saint Anne en Guadeloupe


At the heart of Atelier Freymiotte, we produce the most refined and sought-after liqueurs. The Spicy Ginger collection embodies a subtle marriage of intense, complex and elegant flavors. Its enigmatic name reflects the expertise accumulated over the years to perfect these unique creations. With this in mind, we devote all our determination and attention to detail to the creation of these exceptional liqueurs, rigorously selecting the best ingredients. By combining spicy, gourmet, fruity and woody notes, we shape our recipes with the attention to detail of an artisan.

La liqueur Spicy ginger à base de rhum agricole le couteau suisse des mixologue
Liqueur Spicy Ginger à base de rhum agricole avec des produits associé pour cocktail
Obsession parisienne, cocktail à base de Spicy Ginger

Spicy Ginger Tasting Notes

On the nose, notes of ginger are revealed, complex and rich. They are followed by gourmet notes of spice, thus offering an exceptional olfactory journey.

On the palate, the lively attack of this marriage gives way to powerful notes of agricultural rum, ginger and spices, offering wonderful length to prolong this historical and organoleptic journey.

This suspended moment wonderfully restores our work, our respect and our love of flavors to extract the exceptional.